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Repair Products

Dinghy repair products and paint for dinghies and inflatable boats.

Inflatable boat repair information, kits, fabric, glue, tube sealant, restoration paint, repair products.

View inflatable boat repair products, restoration paint, repair kits, glue, PVC and hypalon fabric, dinghy patches, inflatable boat sealer, dinghy paint, inflatable boat paint, and other inflatable boat and rubber dinghy repair products, accessories and repair information. You can easily repair your inflatable boat and its punctures, tears, scratches, faded fabric and more, be it either in Hypalon or in PVC fabric. Spend a small amount of money on repairing and renewing your inflatable boat, kayak, canoe or rubber dinghy, and save money over buying a new expensive inflatable dinghy.
Why throw out your inflatable boat, spend hundreds $$ in expensive repairs at a shop, or thousands to buy a new boat, when you can repair, renew, or restore your inflatable boat yourself and save money!

Problem Diagnosis & Solution (use these common problems to diagnose what repair products you need)

5 Steps to a Complete Inflatable Boat Restoration.  Doing a complete restoration, here are 5 key steps to consider.

  1. First you'll need to use PVC or Hypalon fabric and glue to repair holes, tears, and delaminations in your inflatable boat.

  2. If your inflatable boat has slow leaks and loses air over a period of a day or 2, then try our tube sealer liquid.

  3. Apply a new layer of rubber to reskin the outer layer of tube fabric. This can be used alone or painted over also.  

  4. To renew your inflatable boat's look, repaint its color, or to do a major fabric restoration due to damage or general wear.

  5. Use this kit to easily apply identification numbers to your inflatable boat to avoid theft and abide by the law.


Is your inflatable boat in need of major repair?
Is your inflatable boat in need of a make-over? Why not give it a restoration with our incredible inflatable boat paint. We've restored almost thousands inflatable boats already and save people hundreds and even thousands of dollars each. See the restoration paint here.  Refurbish your old, faded, sticky inflatable boat and save your money.


Not sure?  See all of our dinghy and inflatable boat repair products and restoration paints here.


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